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Fully disclosed broker dealer

This implementation is supported by Airwallex Multi-currency Wallets and Native Onboarding.

Beyond deposit and withdrawal, Airwallex can support your entire end-to-end financial infrastructure through Airwallex Scale --- a comprehensive wallet solution built on top of Airwallex Global Accounts, Foreign Exchange, and Payouts infrastructure.

Key features include:

  • KYC: Onboard customers onto your platform to multi-currency wallets via Airwallex APIs using native user interface; Airwallex performs all KYC checks to comply with local regulatory requirements
  • Connected Accounts: Create accounts for your customers that are connected to your master platform account; you also get to define the nature and operational rules of such connections
  • Global Accounts, FX and Payout: Facilitate pay-in and pay-out transactions as well as FX conversions between accounts, throughout your network
  • Card Issuing: Issue your own branded debit cards to diversify your product offering
  • Payments Acceptance: Accept card, local payment methods, and direct debit payment from your customers for either deposit or service fees

KYC and onboarding

With Scale, you can capitalise on Airwallex’s efficient and streamlined client onboarding process to onboard your users. Airwallex will take care of all KYC, AML, sanctions screening, and identity verification requirements.

There are three main steps to successfully onboard onto Airwallex:

For more information, see Airwallex Accounts API

Connected accounts

Following KYC, your users will be provided with connected accounts that are automatically linked to your platform account. You will have authorization to transact on behalf of the connected accounts using Airwallex's Charge API and Transfer API APIs. For example, you may set up your users’ connected accounts to automatically debit fees from the connected accounts and deposit into your master platform account using the Charge API.

Global Accounts, FX, and Payout

To fulfill funding orders and withdrawal orders, you can use all the APIs described in the Omnibus broker dealer use case. The key difference with Scale is that you can initiate the movement of funds from your users' connected accounts. Having separate connected accounts for each of your users allows you to manage each user's balance separately rather than building your own multi-currency wallet solution to track ownership of funds.

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