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Whether you are starting out with a single investing-focused solution, expanding into multiple financial solutions, or expanding your solution into multiple geographies - Airwallex can support you every step of the journey.

Our modular APIs can fit into the architecture of your infrastructure. While the following diagram depicts the most commonly adopted Airwallex solutions for Wealthtech partners, you can choose to integrate one or many Airwallex solutions depending on your needs, for example, Foreign Exchange(FX) only, Multi-currency wallet only or Card Issuing only. To evaluate which model works best for you, talk to your Airwallex Account Executive .

Airwallex solution stack

Explore the following use case implementations to understand how you can package Airwallex products to deliver robust end-to-end solutions for wealthtechs.

Local regulations in geographies may impact solution design. Please speak to your Airwallex Account Executive for more details.

Customer success stories

Explore our case studies to see how Airwallex solutions accelerated growth for our Wealthtech partners.

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