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Funding and Settlement Models

Depending on the jurisdiction in which you operate, and the types of accounts you have with us, your Airwallex account will be assigned to either a pre-funding or a post-funding workflow.

Your funding mode will dictate the timing both of when you fund Airwallex and when Airwallex will settle your conversions. If you are unsure of which funding mode you have been assigned, please contact your customer support representative, who would be happy to assist.

Pre-Funding Workflow

Prior to booking any conversion or payout, pre-funded clients must first top-up their Airwallex wallet . The funds required for a conversion or payout are deducted from the relevant wallet balance and cannot exceed your available funds in the currency you are converting or paying out from.

Pre-funding workflow

Post-Funding Workflow

Post-funded clients are permitted to book conversions and payouts without sufficient funds available in their wallet. These accounts will have a limit assigned to them, which will be the upper limit of unfunded transactions you can have open with Airwallex at any one time.

Post-funding workflow

Settlement Timing

When booking a conversion or payout with Airwallex, you will have the option to select the desired date for each transaction to settle. This “conversion date”, along with your funding mode, will determine when funds will be settled to and from your wallet.

If you do not select a date, you will be assigned a “default date”. For pre-funded clients, the default date will always be same-day, for immediate settlement. For post-funded clients, the default date will depend on your available wallet balance in currency you are converting or paying out from at the time of booking. If funds are sufficient, the conversion date will default to same-day, immediate settlement. If funds are insufficient, the default date will return the next valid business day, accounting for any holidays in the currency you are funding Airwallex with.

Settlement Timing

For post-funded clients, if the wallet balance is insufficient on the conversion date, the Airwallex team will contact and notify clients regarding the overdue balance. This may incur a fee to cover the cost of processing the overdue transaction.

The Airwallex location that you are onboarded with will determine your account time zone. Each Airwallex location has been assigned the following time zones:

AWX EntityTime ZoneUTC
AWX HKAsia/Hong KongUTC +8
AWX AUAustralia/MelbourneUTC +11
AWX SGAsia/SingaporeUTC +8
AWX JPAsia/JapanUTC +9
AWX USAmerica/Los AngelesUTC -8