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Why use Scale?
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Why use Scale?


Learn how to use Scale, our solution for platform and ecosystem businesses. Scale allows you to build a network of connected Airwallex accounts for merchants and businesses in your ecosystem and efficiently receive, convert and move funds throughout your network. Build your own financial ecosystem and power the next wave of growth for your platform or ecosystem!

Facilitating fund flows or offering financial services to an ecosystem can be a nightmare if the businesses in the ecosystem are spread across multiple financial institutions, countries and legal jurisdictions. With Scale you can bring all your merchants, business partners, subsidiaries and clients onto one platform and make use of our unparalleled global financial infrastructure.

Through the Scale APIs you can programmatically onboard your merchants, business partners, subsidiaries and clients to Airwallex. Once onboarded, Scale will allow you to receive, convert, and transfer funds between connected accounts, and pay out funds to bank accounts through our global collection, FX conversion and global payout capability.

With Scale, you are provided with a set of features that are customisable to support a broad range of business models, including:

  • Marketplaces
  • Invoicing / supply chain financing platform
  • Streaming services
  • Education platforms
  • On-demand services
  • Booking platforms
  • Travel and event providers
  • Software as a service (SaaS) platform

The Scale offering is available to platforms and their counterparties located in all countries supported by Airwallex.

Scale overview

Benefits of Scale

Traditionally, transaction clearing between trading entities is limited by the efficiency of the underlying banking system. International collection and payout, particularly involving currency exchange, often incur unreasonable fees and charges, further plagued by lengthy processing delays. Scale provides a programmatic cross-border solution that is automated, efficient and transparent. Move money within your ecosystem in real time, open domestic and international bank accounts in minutes, make payouts to bank accounts at low cost and high speed and offer the same to your ecosystem.

With Scale you can capitalise on our efficient and streamlined client onboarding process to onboard your merchants, business partners, subsidiaries and clients and create connections between them seamlessly. Stay focused on building your product and growing your business while Airwallex will take care of all KYC, AML, sanctions screening, and identity verification requirements.

Scale gives both you and your users access to our best-in-class FX capabilities. Through direct connection to the interbank FX market and partnerships with world-class liquidity providers, we source and distribute competitive FX rates for our clients. Backed by our robust infrastructure and architecture, we offer a diverse set of FX products, ranging from SPOT to forwards, available as live or carded rates, supporting G10 as well as exotic currencies, equipping your platform with the relevant tools to better manage your FX risks.