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Service Providers

There are a variety of service providers such payroll / HR SaaS companies, digital banks and tuition payment companies that help their customers (businesses or consumers) make payments to counterparties as part of their product offering. Their customers tend to have both domestic and international payout needs. While it is easy, say for an US based service provider, to work with a domestic bank for local payouts, it is much harder to find an easy-to-integrate, cost-effective and high-coverage solution for international payouts. But we can provide you with our Payouts infrastructure so you can do an integration with us and offer global payout capabilities to all of your customers.

Payroll / HR SaaS

As a payroll / HR SaaS provider, you help businesses manage payroll, insurance and other employee benefits.

While some of your customers may only hire domestic employees, others could be hiring internationally for both full-time employees and contractors. They would want to do periodic (weekly / fortnightly / monthly) payments to these international employees - and they will look to you for a solution. They are also probably expecting better rates than having to do these through their banks. And you can expect that they would want to do this in a self-service way in your web or mobile application.

With Payouts (and FX), you can build an experience just like that so your customers can view rates, do currency conversions and make payments to their international employees all in your product.

Digital banks

As a digital bank, you are building a next-generation banking experience for your customers. Whether you are targeting businesses or consumers or both, you will provide a full suite of banking capabilities to your customers.

One of the capabilities that you will look to provide is allowing your customer to do currency conversions and making international transfers. Usually if you are working with a sponsor bank partner, you may find your partner lacking in international payout coverage or the unit economics do not make sense for your target customers. In more specific cases, your customers may require a Pay-On-Behalf-Of capability for instance. This may not be supported by the banking partner you are working with. Most importantly, you would really like to work with a modern technology for integration so you can focus on building the best in-app payout experience.

This is when you can leverage our Payouts (and FX) platform. Essentially we help you host and manage the entire back-end of your international payouts capability. You can create new payments and manage existing payments all via the API.

Got some other use cases as a service provider? Let us know .