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Online Payments
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Starting with payments

The Online Payments product enables new or existing Airwallex Merchants to directly collect money from your consumers through your webshop, payment link or other. Airwallex provides you with payment acceptance capabilities through its payment gateway and partner acquirers domestically in selected regions and for buyers located anywhere in the globe.

Airwallex Online Payments capabilities are integrated into Airwallex value chain providing you a single integration to get paid by your Buyers, settle the funds in the most suitable currency for you in the Airwallex balance and then repatriate the proceeds to your main country or even leverage those to pay your suppliers in other countries with our Issuance or Payout capability.

Create your Airwallex account by submitting your business information via the online sign up form or by contacting us directly. Once your account is activated, you will immediately be able to start accepting payment through Airwallex API. We may contact you in case we need further information to complete the onboarding with our partner acquirers.

Take a look at the Airwallex API API and find out which are the most suitable flows for you or take a look at the Product Acceptance Use Cases to learn how it can help you. Integration can begin immediately following registration success. One of our integration managers will be on hand to guide you through the process of integration, including resolving any queries and helping with testing.


You can integrate Airwallex API differently depending on your capabilities and PCI-compliance

  • API only integration. API without any UX provided by Airwallex. With this integration you can collect the payment details the way you want, you have full control on your UX. We just ask you to be PCI-DSS compliant.

  • Drop-in Element integration. Integration where you can customize your checkout flow while letting Airwallex take care of the handling of the payment details, you will only control where the payment details are collected, we take care of the rest.

  • Embedded Elements integration. Control Embedded fields integration where you can customize your checkout flow while letting Airwallex take care of handling the payment details.

  • Hosted Payments Page integration. Hosted payment page where you can focus on what matters for you, your business. We take care of the payments.

Markets and Payment methods

Airwallex supports most popular international and local payment methods for global businesses to accept payments from shoppers across the world.

Explore our payment method capability here .