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Save payment details for future payments

The growth in payments technology for digital commerce together with the emergence of new business models, has seen a significant rise in payments that use shopper’s saved payment details. The payment is initiated based on the shopper’s consent to use the saved payment details for future use. Identifying the initial consent for saving payment details and the use of saved payment details for subsequent payments can:

  • Result in higher authorization approval rates and completed sales
  • Fewer shopper complaints and improved checkout experience
  • Greater visibility of transaction risk levels

Airwallex allows you to create a PaymentConsent API that represents the consent between you and the shopper on the future use of the saved payments details associated with a Customer API.

  • You can create and add multiple PaymentConsents to a Customer.
  • A PaymentConsent requires a valid PaymentMethod API.
  • A PaymentMethod can be used for multiple PaymentConsents.

Merchant-initiated subsequent payments

Merchant-initiated subsequent payments, also known as Merchant Initiated Transactions (MIT), alllow you to initiate payments at an agreed amount using the shopper's selected payment method during the agreed time frame.

  1. In the initial interaction (with or without payment), the shopper provides consent to store their payment details for future payments for an agreed amount and timeframe.
  2. In subsequent payments, you initiate payments as agreed with the shopper without the shopper involved.


Customer-initiated subsequent payments

Customer-initiated subsequent payments, also known as Customer Initiated Transactions (CIT), require the shopper to be present without the need to enter payment details.

  1. In the initial interaction (with or without payment), the shopper provides consent to store their payment details for future payments.
  2. In subsequent payments, the shopper will not be required to enter payment details and can simply make payments by one click. You can choose to request the shopper to provide CVC in the subsequent payment.


Integration options

Integration TypeSupportedRequired PCI-DSSNotes
Hosted Payment PagePCI-DSS SAQSelf-service questionnaire, all Merchants can do it
Embedded ElementsPCI-DSS SAQSelf-service questionnaire, requires additional knowledge
Drop-in ElementPCI-DSS SAQSelf-service questionnaire, requires additional knowledge
Native APIPCI-DSS AOCAOC by 3rd party required

See also Redirect/QR Code Element.

Automated account updater

Merchant who has saved their customers' cards whether Consumer Initiated or Merchant Initiated inevitably face issues charging those cards for subsequent transactions because the cards are expired or are no longer valid (replaced due to lost or stolen reports)

  • For Merchant initiated transactions where consumer is not in session it is an operational overhead to reachout to consumer to receive updated credentials so that relationship can be continued
  • For Consumer initiated transactions where consumer is in session, need to manually update card details brings in friction which could result in cart abandonment.

Automated account updater is a solution to address these problems, it has the ability to replace expired /replaced card details under consumer saved credential. This eliminates the need for consumer to manually update credentials thereby enabling seamless checkout & conversion.

On average, 33% of all card-not-present declines could be prevented by using Automated account updater.

In both Visa and Mastercard, we will be able to help merchants retrieve details for expired cards. For Mastercard, there is an additional benefit for merchants to also get details on replacement cards issued as indicated in above table. UPI doesn't offer such service yet.


Please reach out to your Account manager or airwallex support to enable this feature for your account and boost your conversion.

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