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Gain access to shoppers on Dragonpay

Dragonpay is a Philippine-based online payment solution provider focusing on alternative payment channels. Through its services, shoppers can purchase goods and services online and make payments offline or through online bank debit.

In the Philippines, the amount of credit card users only accounts for 10% of the population, and many of the citizens do not have bank accounts. Dragonpay offers customers various payment methods to cover all needs of a potential buyer and to make the process of payment more convenient. So far, Dragonpay has gained access to over 14 million unique users as it continues to grow and expand.

Supported payment options by Dragonpay: Online Payments - Dragonpay

Functionalities and value-added features supported

Payment typeBank Transfer
Merchant supported countries/regionsHK, AU, SG, UK, EU
Shopper supported countries/regionsPH (Dragonpay only accepts transactions from Philippine and Malaysian IP, other IPs will be blocked)
Processing currenciesPHP
Settlement currenciesUSD
Minimum transaction amount50.00 PHP
Maximum transaction amountNo limitation
Session timeout48 hours
Recurring Payment
Partial Refunds
Dynamic descriptor
Settlement thresholdPlease contact sales for more information
Settlement frequencyWeekly

The Merchant is responsible for notifying the Customer regarding the fact that the Customer’s statement will display "MOLPay", "MOLP", "MOLPay EC" or "NetBuilder EC" for the charges associated with the Payment Scheme instead of the Merchant’s trading name

Choose the integration method that best suits your needs

Airwallex has built a range of client-side integration methods that allows you to manage your UI, minimises your implementation effort and allows you to get to market quickly.

Integration typeSupported
HPP (Hosted Payment Pages)
Embedded fields
Drop-in elements
Pay by Link⛔️
Mobile SDK

Accept omni-channel payments from your shoppers with Dragonpay

Airwallex’s solution supports Dragonpay payment acceptance desktop and mobile channels.

DragonpayDesktop Website BrowserMobile AppMobile Website Browser
One-off Payment
Recurring Payment