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Remote Authorisation Controls

By enabling Remote Authorisation for your accounts, you will be able to participate in all your transaction authorisation decisions (Authorized/Declined) in real-time from your own system and have a higher level of control over transaction approvals.

When a cardholder makes a payment using an account enabled with remote authorisation, the Airwallex platform sends a remote authorisation request containing details about the transaction to your endpoint. Your system makes the decision to authorize or decline the transactions using your own business rules and return the response to Airwallex. For example, you can block based on the value of the payment, or block international transactions based on the currency of the payment.

Please note remote authorisation is an advanced feature for issuing, you need contact our support team to enable this feature for you first.


Remote Auth Process Diagram


Your endpoint can be configured via this API API. When a card transaction is made, Airwallex will send a request to your configured endpoint for your decision.

When a cardholder makes a payment using an account enabled for remote authorisation, the following steps will occur:

  1. The merchant sends an authorisation message to the card network.
  2. The card network sends an authorisation message to the Airwallex platform.
  3. Airwallex looks up the account configuration to confirm if remote authorisation is enabled; If you are a Scale platform account, once the platform account remote authorisation configuration is enabled, all connected accounts linked to this platform account would share the same remote authorization configuration.
  4. If the remote authorisation is enabled, Airwallex will send the remote authorisation request to your endpoint.
  5. Your system authorizes or declines the request within 2 seconds.
  6. Airwallex will take into account your decision and run it through our internal risk and regulatory reviews before finalising the authorisation response.*
  7. Airwallex will return the final authorisation response to the card network and send an authorisation notification to your endpoint via webhooks.
  8. The card network sends an authorisation response to the merchant.

For additional examples of the Remote Authorisation process, see the Remote Authorisation Scenarios for more details.

* An authorized remote authoriation request can be declined here by Airwallex due to risk or regulatory requirements