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Tips for using webhooks

Tips for using webhooks

Receive events with an HTTPS server

Please use an HTTPS URL for your webhook endpoint for security considerations. Furthermore, your server must be correctly configured to support HTTPS.

Retry logic

If your webhook endpoint is unavailable or takes too long to respond, Airwallex will resend the notification message several times over the course of three days until a successful response is returned.

Acknowledge events immediately

If your webhook script performs complex logic, it's possible that the script would time out before Airwallex sees its complete execution. Ideally, your webhook handling code (acknowledging receipt of an event by returning a 200 status code) is separate from any processing performed for that event.

Handle duplicate events

Webhook endpoints might occasionally receive the same event more than once. We advise you to guard against receiving duplicate events by making your event processing idempotent.

To deduplicate events, please use the "id" field sent on the event. Across retry, the same event keeps the same "id".

Order of events

Airwallex does not guarantee delivery of events in the order in which they are generated. Your endpoint should not expect delivery of these events in this order and should handle this accordingly. You can also use the x-timestamp in the header for ordering.