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Payload examples

The webhook payload is sent as JSON in the POST request body. The full event details are included and can be used directly, after parsing the JSON into an Event object.

This Event object contains:

  • id is the unique identifier of the event

  • accountId identifies the account this event belongs to

  • name which specifies the type of event (e.g. payment_attempt.authorized)

  • data object contains:

    • Successful response: API JSON response
    • Error: Error response if API call fails
 "id": "evt_100_2019102201540902013102020043_8321220011893766",
 "name": "payment_attempt.authorized",
 "account_id": "19621303213",
 "data": {
   "object": {...}, // JSON object of the resource(API reponse)
   "error": {...}   // If error occurs
 "created_at": "2019-10-22T01:54:09+0000"